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Safety relief valve
Characteristic parameters Material Weight
60cmh20 bis ¡­200 0.05%FSO BFSL

The main features:

1, the pipeline pressure components, release the pressure, to ensure the system stable pressure

2, automatically open when the pressure is too high, the safety release medium and discharge to suction tube or chemical container

3, the protection of the safe and normal operation of the pump and system

4, the protection of pipe, elbow, joint, reduce the pressure fluctuations

Safety valve size specifications  Types and specifications  Texture of material
Nominal diameter (mm)  Set pressure (MPa)   The size of D (mm)  The size of H (mm)
Connection mode  WAF-P6/0.3   Plastic

 32 2.5-10  124 260  Rc1 1/4¡å  WAF-S40/10

Stainless steel   40 2.5-10  155 315  Rc1 1/2¡å HLAF-S50/10 Stainless steel 50 2.5-10 165 385 Rc2¡å


A variety of optional: plastic shell: PTFE, PP, UPVC, PVDF

Metal: 304, 316, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, Hastelloy alloy


1, the temperature of the medium: 304, 316: -18-90 DEG PVC valve, valve: -18-60 degrees, medium viscosity: less than 1000m square meters /s

2, threaded connections, flange joints and on the client side can according to customer requirements production