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valves Classification

Date:2013/3/3 15:19:58
valves Classification

valve is the equipment in the fluid £¬gas or powder which can control direction ,pressure and flow rate .
Valve is control unit of fluid convey system in the pipe, it used to change section in access and fluid direction of medium .with functions of stream guidance, cut-off , adjust ,throttle , check ,split flow ,pressure relief when overfall and so on . The valve which is used in fluid control has many varieties types and specifications. Its type range is from easiest globe valve to extremely complex all kinds of valves used in self-control system. inside nominal diameter range is from pinpoint size like Gauge Valves to industry using valve with the size 10m, the working pressure rating is from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa UHP ,the working temperature range is from -269¡æ to 1430¡æ .the service of valve include water , stream ,oil, gas, all kind of corrosive medium , mud , fluent metal¡¡and radioactive fluid. We can adopt many way to operate valve such as manual , electric, hydraulic , pneumatic,¡¡worm gear , electromagnetic, electromagnetic ---- hydraulic , electric---- hydraulic £¬pneumatic ---- hydraulic £¬spur gear , conical gear. The disc of valve rise, fall, slip or swing by the pressure, temperature or other type signal to change the flow area to control.
Classification according structure characteristics
(1)Globe valve £ºthe disc is made to rise and fall by stem along the centerline of the valve seat.
(2) Plug type: the disc is made to rise and fall by stem which is perpendicular to the centerline of the valve seat.
(3) Plug valve: the plug or ball whirl around its own centerline
(4) Swing valve: the disc swing around pin out of seat
(5) Butterfly valve: the disc whirl around stationary shaft of  valve

(6) Slide valve: the disc slide along vertical direction of channel
Classification according connection type
(1) Threaded connection valve: there is internal or outside thread in the body of valve, connecting with thread of pipe
(2) Flanged connection valve: there are flanges at end of valve, connecting with flanges of pipe
(3) Welding joint valve: there is welding groove in body, welding the pipe
(4) Clamp connection valve: there is nip in body, connecting with the clamp of pipe
(5) Card sets of connection valve: connect with the card sets of pipe
(6) Wafer connection valve: connect valve and pipeline immediate with bolts
Classification according body material
(1)metallic material valve : body and other part is made up of metical material such as cast iron ,carbon steel , alloy steel , copper alloy , aluminum alloy , leaded alloy , titanium alloy , Monel alloy .
(2) Non- metallic material valve: body and relative part is made up of metical material such as ceramic valves, glass fiber reinforced plastic valves, plastic valves
(3) Metallic body lining valve: the body material is metal, surface of internal part which contact with medium is lining such as valve line with rubber, valve line with plastics, valve line with ceramics